Our Speciality

Why the customer prefer our services:

      24 hours ready service.
      Complete logistics solution.
      Follow Standard operation procedure.
      Sea shipment without cut-off time.
      Well-equipped communication system.
      Good relation with shipping lines & air lines.
      Skilled service team.
      Sea, Air and combined Air-Sea & Sea-Air shipment facility.

Air-Sea Service:

      7Flights every week to Singapore.
      Ocean leg on premium carrier.
      Trans-Shipment Port: Singapore
      Daily departure from Singapore.
      Transit Time: 1-2days from Dhaka to Singapore.
      Air-Sea transfer.
       Benefits of Air-Sea Program:
      Ready solution against Feeder vessel missing.
      Faster transit time then all Water modes.
      Timely delivery for late shipment.
      Time consume then sea shipment.

Sea-Air Service:

1st Option: From Chittagong (Cgp) via Singapore (Sin)
Transit Time
      Cgp-Sin : 5 days
      Sin-Europe : 2-3 days
      Daily Freighter from Sin to Europe and North America.

2nd Option: From Chittagong (Cgp) via Dubai (Dxb)
Transit Time
      Cgp-Sin: 5 days.
      Sin-Dxb: 7- 8 days.
      Dxb-Europe: 1- 2 days.
      Daily freighter from Dxb to Europe and North America.

Benefits of Sea-Air Program:

      Ready solution to backlog situation of Dhaka Airport.
      Air freight consume.
      Customer driven trained people track shipment all the way.
      Availability of Air cargo space in Singapore/Dubai.
      Same day pick-up, and transfer to port of Singapore/Dubai.